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About Us

Hello and welcome to the Celtic Bead Shop!

And before you get excited, can I just tell you that our shop isn’t real and we aren’t on a high street where you can come to browse our beads!

The Celtic Bead Shop is a workshop and it’s on the side of a green Welsh hill, right in the middle of nowhere. I’m afraid it isn’t possible for you to visit in person but I hope you’ll enjoy being on these pages. We pride ourselves on a fast, efficient and friendly service and we hope you’ll forgive us if ever we should fail. We are still human.

My name is Annie and I’ve been designing beads and buttons here for nearly twenty years. The business was established back in 1974 and I have never had any formal training in art, manufacturing or business skills. Instead, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful team of women to work with and together we have won awards, laughed in the face of adversity and generally celebrated our humanity.


I’ve seen lots of changes and my beads have had a few incarnations too. My first Celtic bead was made of a piece of cake, during an inspired tea break back in 1990...the concept developed and my first beads were injection moulded recycled plastic, plated with silver. They won a “Best New Product” award at their launch! The plastic proved problematic and I eventually progressed to having them cast in solid pewter, with a silver or gold plated finish.

As an ethical company, I have finally decided to produce the beads in pure, naked pewter, with no pretences and no wanton use of the planet’s diminishing resources. I am now casting them myself, with my own fair hands. I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me…though I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of Rob, to whom I am eternally grateful.

The pewter is lead free, naturally - we use no nickel in any of our products either. Pewter is an alloy of (90%+) tin and copper, with a little antimony to help the mixture harden. All are natural materials, the mining of which has almost no impact on the environment.

These pewter beads and buttons are polished in a barrelling machine and will not tarnish like many other metals. They will appreciate a good wash in soapy water from time to time and will eventually lose their brightnes. For myself, I love to see them age...they grow dull, like an old tankard or charger from the olden days.  


Beads from the Celtic Bead Shop are unique and original. They look fabulous and feel valuable. They are designed with love and the Celtic knots adorning them are my own versions of the artwork of the ancient Celts. Each knot is endless and interwoven, an enduring symbol of Eternity and a timely reminder of the interdependence of all things. Beware of imitations.

If you have any problems, comments or queries, please use our contact form and be patient – I will respond as quickly as I can! Don't forget, the website may be automated but i'm not!

Enjoy everything and keep smiling,